Our Programs

Youth V.I.B.E., founded in 1996, is a United Way Community Partner. Youth V.I.B.E. provided free academic enrichment in math, science and reading to high school students in the Atlanta area. Our programs provided teens with interactive components to business mentoring including guest speakers and corporate tours.

Youth V.I.B.E. provided expanded academic enrichment opportunities for children attending low performing schools. Tutorial services and academic enrichment activities were designed to help students meet local and state academic standards in subjects such as reading and math. The academic enrichment component of the Youth V.I.B.E. curriculum, designed by the distinguished Princeton Review, helped students achieve higher test scores in math, science and English. Certified teachers, college students and parent volunteers guided the students in pre and post testing to track their progress in those three core academic areas.

The business mentoring component of the curriculum was very interactive and relies heavily on collaborations with the business community. This component engaged guest speakers discussing such topics as drug and violence prevention, technology, art, music, counseling and character education to enhance the academic component of the program. Business topics such as marketing, accounting, public speaking, community service, real estate investment, dressing for success, using debate to resolve conflicts, etc. were also incorporated into the After school program.

Youth V.I.B.E. facilitated tours to local businesses and industries, enabling teen participants to see first-hand how businesses operate behind the scenes.

After 20-years of service to youth in the community, Youth V.I.B.E. has expanded its program to include Cultural Exchange. Our intent is to expose Metro Atlanta Youth to opportunities that will allow them to become Global Citizens understanding and appreciating business, cultural and social differences throughout the world!  

Learn more about our past programs and our new Cultural Exchange Program.

After School Program – Past Program

Food Service Program – Past Program

WDM Food Program Menus – Past Program

Youth V.I.B.E. Cultural Exchange Program – New Program