Food Service Program – Past Program


Youth V.I.B.E.  Food Service Program

Over the last three years of providing food services to Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, Youth V.I.B.E. has received acclaim from the students and staff.  Youth V.I.B.E. is a as USDA Food Sponsor and has provided 10 school sites free meals for over 1,100 youth in addition to the Food Service Program at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta.  Those Halal meals included breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner (dinner served only during the summer program).  Youth V.I.B.E. has successfully served over 90,000 meals and has now incorporated food service to Mohammed Schools year round.  At Mohammed Schools, we have acquired kitchen equipment, hired serve safe cooks and provide healthy, Halal meals for breakfast, lunch and after school snacks.


  • Served over 90,000 Halal meals since 2011
  • Received a 5-year contract for services from the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta to provide the USDA National School Lunch Program
  • Serves as the only food distributor for the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta
  • Support from the School administrative staff, students and parents
  • Support from the community Masjid
  • Support from the community commissioners, CEO, and and the Department of Human Services
  • Hired and trained three staff to support members the Food Service Program
  • Negotiated Vendor Relationships and Terms for Bulk Ordering


According to the latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey, 26.3% of Georgia’s children live in poverty.  A majority of the students at Mohammed Schools are eligible for the free and reduced USDA sponsored National School Lunch Program (NSL) based on household income.  Youth V.I.B.E.’s Food Program provides students with 100% American grown nutritious foods throughout the school year and during the summer.  Studies show healthy kids are smarter kids. There are a number of studies that highlight linkages between eating healthy foods, exercise, and performing better academically (USDA, 2013).  Those same studies show that when kids eat nutritious meals, their academic scores tend to be higher overall.  When we provide nutritious options for our students that are also appealing and delicious, we go beyond merely relieving hunger. We give them the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits and the basic building blocks that are key to academic success.  The goals of the Food Program are to provide students with nutritional meals throughout the school day that helps promote healthy eating and life choices while at school and home.  Starting healthy habits in the school at an early age will hopefully curb the growing obesity rates, and other diseases associated with poor eating habits.  As a result of the food program at Mohammed Schools, more students are eating school breakfast, lunch and have enrolled in the afterschool snack program.  Instead of packing a lunch or eating else where during the school day, students and staff are eating food from the food program due to the variety in the daily menus and the quality home cooking of the meals prepared in the kitchen.  Youth V.I.B.E.’s major goal is to serve all qualified low-income students throughout the school year.


To find out more information on the Food Service Program, please call (404) 254-4374